Earmarked Subsidies 

Since 2007, the SRDA has been administrating five new national aid instruments lending support for the development of local municipalities:

  • support for the investment projects of local municipalities;
  • earmarked subsidies for free internet and computer services at the public libraries of local municipalities;
  • earmarked subsidies for drafting the territorial plans and making their amendments for planning state, district and local municipality development;
  • earmarked subsidies for local municipality activities; 
  • support for the infrastructure development of amalgamated local municipalities.

According to the functions delegated to it by the MRDLG, the SRDA ensures the preparation and updating of the necessary documents for the implementation of the programmes, the acceptance and evaluation of project applications, decision making, the conclusion of funding contracts, the payments, the monitoring and control of the project implementation, the processing of the statistical data and reports on the preparation of programme implementation.