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About VASAB Secretariat 

VASAB – Vision and Strategy around the Baltic Sea – involves intergovernmental cooperation of 11 Baltic Sea Region countries in the issues of spatial planning and development, which is managed by 11 competent ministers and the competent officials of regions in Russia and German Länder.

VASAB was established in 1992 in order to elaborate the development vision till 2010 which was adopted at the Tallin conference in 1994 when a permanent secretariat was formed.

The most important research lines:

  • City network (including demography, migration, innovation, metropolises), relations between the cities and the countryside
  • Accessibility and the transnational development areas
  • Transport, energy, IT accessibility
  • The sea. Integrated economic activities in the coastal areas and planning the use of the sea
  • Horizontal issues: climate change, geography of energy, regional identity and the cultural heritage

More detailed information is available here: